Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.  I am into the second week of being mentored.  I am to write about myself so that you can get to know me.   This will be a bit difficult because I’d rather  hear about other people  than to talk about me.

I live in the northwest United States, and in our neighborhood the houses are very close together.  In fact so close,  I was just telling my husband today that I could hear an entire conversation that the neighbor was having with is his dog. Yes. his dog.   They do not have children and their dog is their fur baby.  I love animals and so it did not seem terribly strange to me that he was talking to his dog.  I talk to my dog too, as well as cook homemade meals for him so that he does not eat commercial dog food.    I sat in my office for several hours working,  and  I could hear him   over and over telling  his dog how upset he was that the Yankees  were going to lose the ball game.  Finally he lamented  they had lost the game today.  I have to admit I was now eavesdropping because I wanted to hear what the dog was going to say after the neighbor asked him repeatedly what he thought.  I thought for sure that any minute he expected  the dog was going to say, ” Yeah, that was a real bummer.”

I mentioned I  love animals, and particularly dogs.  The dog that I told you I cook for we have had since before he was born.  We had his mother bred so that we could have him.  He is a chocolate lab that is just about 8 years old, and at our home he can do no wrong.

I adore my family too.  I have a husband and two grown daughters. I also have two teenage grandchildren. There is not enough space on this page to say how crazy I am about all of them.  Because of them I am really blessed.

I have just a couple of hobbies one is sewing and making jewelry, the other is the internet.  I have tried to market on the internet very seriously for over three years. I have had no success. When I first started,  I thought how hard could it be?  I had been in sales most all my entire adult life.  I was shocked at first when I did not sell anything.  I  really was.  I had purchased a course so that I thought I will just follow what it says,  and I should be raking in the dough.  Well, they say time flys when you’re having fun.   Three years later here I am.   I really like being on the internet, so it really did fly by.  I did not think  selling on the internet  would be effortless;  However,   I thought that if I worked hard at it  and did what the courses said to do that it would all just fall into place  and that I would get  a return for my efforts in the form of sales.

The courses I purchased were many and  were about anything that I thought would teach me what I had not learned  from the course I had purchased before the most current one.  I continued to purchase more courses because I figured that I was just missing something but  couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.  The fact is, and this is important,  you don’t know what you don’t know.  So if that is true and I believe it is, then you won’t know what you need to know, until someone who does know tells you.    Until you find the person who really does know and can tell you what really works,  it becomes this vicious cycle.   My days went something like this.  I got up early  in the morning, and I  stayed  up late into the night.  I did this, and I tried that  because each of  the courses I purchased  were saying  different things, but each said that, to sell on the internet  this is  what one should  do.  I would go to webinars that would promise to teach  me  how to sell on the internet,  only to find that they were just trying to sell me something else.  Every once in a while at the webinars though,  I would hear this little nugget of information .   It stuck  out from what they were saying.  It wouldn’t be long or very detailed,  but it was the person hosting the webinar  acknowledging  and giving  some mention about their mentor, and how if it were not for their mentor they would not be where they were today.

About a month ago I thought oh my gosh, that is what I need.  I need someone who really knows about marketing on the internet.  Not someone who they themselves say that they know, but someone who  others say they know  how to market on the internet.   It hit me like a bolt of lightning.  I can not do this trial and error method.  Let’s face it, at seventy,  I’ve been on the other side of fifty a long time now. I don’t have the time.

I compare it to learning how to drive a car.  You can read how to do it all you want, but when it comes right to it, you need someone that already has their drivers license to sit next to you so that they can grab the wheel if necessary.  So I began searching for a mentor and I found one.  His name is John Thornhill.  I am going to follow everything that he instructs me to do.  Even if I have done something like it before.   I am going at this as though I am a sponge and I am going to soak all of his information in.  I am going to  do my best at what he instructs me to do.  If I am told that I need to do it over because I have not done it correctly, then do it over I will.

I have a great desire to make a living working online as a marketer.  You may be asking yourself why do you want to do this at your age?  That is a fair question.  I can only say that  I have set my mind at  being  able to do this, and  when I have set my mind at doing anything, I will not quit until I have accomplished my goal.  With John’s teaching,  I will do it.  I hope that you will see me do it.  I guess I  can really say that this is the big one on my bucket list.