Adding Adsense To My Site

Finding out about Adsense and how it works has been a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I have now added Adsense to this site, or I think I have. I got an Adsense account about one year ago. I did what I was supposed to do, following each step that Google said to do. I submitted my application and I was accepted. However; no ads appeared on my sites. I looked a couple of times to see if I had gotten an ad placed on either of the two sites that I listed as being mine with Google. I had not. I did not follow-up. Not a good thing to admit but it is the truth. I did not give it a lot of thought as I was too busy trying other things. Right, at first, I wanted to contact Google to say where are my ads? I could not find a way to reach out to them. All I could find was a page that I could search for my particular question. I did not find any answers on the page. I had searched for quite some time. Then I got a pop-up that said call this number or email us. I was pretty excited. It seemed I found a phone number for them. I called, and left a detailed message. At the end of my message  I was told that someone from Google would contact me sometime that day. Within less than an hour I received that call.   A very polite man listened to my entire rant about how I could not find any ads on either of my two sites.  Unfortunately, he then said,  you have reached Google Wallet,  and we are not a part of Google  Adsense.  He said he knew where I needed to go to get the information I was seeking, and would send a link to my email address. He assured me that I would get the answers to my questions.  If not, I would be where I could contact Adsense and leave them the same detailed message I had just left before.  After hanging up, I clicked the link that he sent me, and that link took me right to the same page that I had just been on prior to talking with that gentleman, which  sent me a pop-up, identical to the one that directed me to call or email them that ultimately took  me to Google Wallet. Yes, I became frustrated and just said the heck with it.

I am now in week six of my training.  My mentor said it is now time to monetize our sites. He said that we will be starting with Adsense. I was already approved with Adsense long ago. All I needed to do was to add my new site that I have been working on of which to include. I did that about one week ago. I have yet to see any ads at all. I am almost ready to contact John, my mentor, and ask for help. I do not want to get on that same merry-go-round that I got on the last time I attempted working with Adsense. The whole purpose of learning how to market online is to make money. I am not doing well with that step at all. I have duplicated what I have been taught to do. My site, from the dashboard view, looks the same as what my mentor showed us that his looks like. I think that it must be something I have over-looked.  I have checked and rechecked several times. I can not seem to find what it is on my own.  It’s now time to call in the Calvary. I will be sure to let you know what the problem was. Just in case you experience the same thing you won’t have to experience the frustration.

Until then, Katz

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