Happy Holidays

Just wanted to say hello to anyone that might be reading this. I hope that you are ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Can not believe that Christmas is just a month away.  I was so hoping that I would have more of my blog done and that I would even be selling something on it but as of yet no such luck.  I am having trouble with Google Adsense placing any ads on my site. I am registered so I guess it is time for me to contact my mentor and find out what it is that I am doing wrong.  I am considering placing other ads on it that will pay me considerably more than Google.  If they seem to work, than I guess I will place the ads that will be appropriate for my site and hope that I get some clicks.

This season I have so many things to be thankful for. Particularly at my age, just to be alive.  It seems odd to hear me say that because I can’t believe that I will be seventy in just a few short weeks. Not that seventy is so old;  particularly to those that are getting ready to, or have already, turned eighty or older. The funny thing is, I don’t feel any different than I have at any of my birthdays.  It seems like yesterday that I was getting ready to celebrate my  sweet sixteen birthday. I know that I look older, yet in my mind I am that same person that I was back then.

In fact,  I remember wanting a pair of new shoes for that special party. They were black paten leather, with a strap around the ankle rather than over the foot. I thought they were the best looking pair of heels.  At the time I was only allowed to get two-inch high heels. These were three inches high and I thought that they were the sexiest shoes on this earth. Fast forward fifty-four years, and now I am going to get a pair of black shoes.  They happen to be that ugly pair of shoes,  that as a youngster I swore I would not be caught dead in. They are those shoes that when you are younger you say, “those shoes are so butt ugly that I wouldn’t even take them if they were free.” They are those shoes that “old ladies” and Nuns wear and you wonder why.

I have a theory about this. Only just a theory mind you.  What if  it’s something that will happen to all of us.  We wake up one morning and all of those things that just used to be so repulsive to us in our youth,  just don’t seem that bad anymore.  Maybe we have some kind of internal timer that just goes off.  Take bald-headed men for example. Oh my God, I used to think if a man did not have hair he might as well be dead to me,  because that was just the most repulsive look that the opposite sex could have to me as a young girl and as a younger woman clear into my forties. Then just like clock work, woke up one day and I saw a bald-headed man and thought he is very attractive. So who knows,  maybe one day you will be strolling down a lane, wearing those butt ugly black shoes,  hand in hand with a bald headed man.

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