One of the things that I have discovered, at least two or more years ago, is that “Plugins” are marvelous to say the least.  Three years ago I had no idea what they were.  Today,  if someone says I have a new plugin I want to show you, boy do my ears perk up.

If you are new to the internet, such as I still consider myself to be,   You will find as  I have learned,  that “plugins” can either be your friend  and work great on your site;  such as,  “Jet Pack” and “All In One SEO”.  Or in the alternative, if you put in the wrong one, it can cause havoc with your site the minute you push the activate button.

In spite of all of the trouble they can cause I just love what they can do. Take for instance one that I especially like is called WP Spy.  It pretty much says what it is. It lets you know about other people’s websites.  It will help you to find out what is going on with the competition.  Especially if they are offering for sale the same product that you are offering.   It tells you about their visitors and where they get their visitors.  It also tells you what their keywords are.  That was of course when keywords were considered to be extremely important. I suppose they are still important, but not like they were three to five yeas ago when they were everything.

When I first got interested in working online,  it seemed that everything was about keywords.  It was about exact keywords,  long tailed keywords, and keyword phrases.  Supposedly if you got the “keywords correct, they would bring visitors and they would become customers.  Sounds simple enough but if you are not getting sales, one has to assume that someone is.   So, it must be the other websites that are getting the sales, and it must be that they are using different keywords, and their keywords must be better than the ones you are using.  I also know that you are not supposed to know what keywords the competition is using. Therefore, you can not ask them.  The next best thing is to get a “plugin” that can find out for you.  It will search through another individual’s site and pick out the keywords.   I also think I liked  WP Spy because I am able to know things about my competition that they didn’t know that I knew.  I guess that is the Mrs. Kravitz in me that I am exposing.  If you are wondering if putting in different keywords increased my sales, the answer is no.  Not one bit.  It did tell me something, though.   I came to the realization that making sales online had to be more than just keywords.  I did not know at the time what it was that I was missing, but it was one of the things that eventually led me to know that I needed a mentor.

Until   Next Time…… Katz

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