Rating My Mentor

I have assessed my mentoring program and find that the step by step video course is what I need.
Most of the time I have not had to replay the videos over. On the few occasions that I have had to replay a segment over that John is teaching, I get the ah-hah moment when I finally get what it is.
It is an exuberant feeling. After that, it is kind of “hmm, I wonder why I did not get it before?” I can only explain it in these simple terms. After many attempts, I finally can make my site resemble how he says it is to look. I know that I would be able to do it again. I can, because I will remember what I have learned. That is when I know I got it from his teaching.  If I were to rate my mentoring  on a scale of one to ten.  I would give it a ten without question.

We are entering our fourth week, and John says that pretty soon we will be able to start to make an income from our sites. That is so very exciting to me. On one of my other sites, that I have had for a long time, I did make $1.00 in commissions. I have not received it yet because the amount is not enough for them to send. I have to have a minimum of $100.

I find it hard to believe that it has been four weeks already. The time seems to be flying by so very quickly. Before long it will be the holidays, and I would love to have extra money coming in to buy my grandchildren something that they would especially want. I am glad that I signed up for this mentoring program, and I anticipate the next lessons with the same enthusiasm  as I did the first one.

Since I have entered John’s mentoring program.  I have not purchased any other products that have come to me.  I am just going to stick with this program.  I have to admit, at first it was difficult.  I realize that I am with new programs that  are introduced to me,  the way some women are with shoes. Just have to have the latest.   I am so tempted to see what is out there.  I know me though, if I see what the next “Plugin” will do, I will just have to have it.  Well friends, not anymore.  I am disciplining myself to not purchase a thing unless it is something that John says is necessary to have a successful blog. Until next time,  Katz

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